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> Letter from Dr. Bruce M. Hobson - 4th November 1966

> Letter from L. J. Witts - 6th June 1967

Letter suggesting suspicion towards oral hormone pregancy tests

> Warning Re: Hormonal Pregnancy Testing Preparations

Document warning against the use of hormone pregnancy tests

> Statement on Hormonal Pregnancy Tests and Congenital Abnormalities

> Quotes extracted from Letters

1,) Dr. W.H. Inman, Senior Medical Officer - Committee on Safety of Medicines, 7th Nov 1969.

" It is somewhat difficult to summon up enough enthusiasm to place a high priority on this, when so much other and possibly more important work is pressing."

2.) N.M.B. Dean, 17th Feb 1968

"With regard to the rather high incidence of abortions in the Primodos group, I think it must be born in mind that women going to their doctor for this type of test often hope that they are not pregnant and it is not impossible that these women took other steps to terminate their pregnancies".

"In view of these findings tentative though they are, it would be my own view that, since there is in any event no very sound medical reason (in my opinion) for the use of such Hormonal preparations, Primodos should be withdrawn from use."

3.) A.J.N. Warrack. Consultant Pathologist, Sheffield City General Hospital. 4th Nov 1966.

"(A) The test is unreliable".
"(B) It may well be dangerous in that it could possibly precipitate abortion in a not well established pregnancy."

4.) Derek Richter. Neuropsychiatric Research Unit, 23 June 1967.

"An apparent connection between congenital malformations and the application of hormonal pregnancy tests. It looks, in fact, as if this could be another Thalidomide story."

> Primodos Labels

Two tablets are equivalent to 40 times the strength of a current Oral Contraceptive Pill.
Primodos label  Warning label suggesting the link between Primodos and congenital abnormalities