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Irish Daily Mail Article: 27th March 2017

Marie Lyon addressing delegates at The Contested History of Hormone Pregnancy Tests conference (27th January 2017). Find more videos from the conference here

Primodos: The Secret Drug Scandal - Sky News Documentary aired 27th March 2017

Marie Lyon's appearance on Sky News talking about Primodos

Primodos: Southampton woman's fight for justice over brother's disabilities

Daily Echo: 1st April 2017

A SOUTHAMPTON woman is campaigning for justice after her brother was born with severe disabilities, nearly 50 years ago. Charlotte Fensome, 38, grew up with an older brother who is unable to walk, talk, or feed himself. Steven, 49, has so many epileptic seizures a day that respite carers are unable to look after him. Now a film suggesting his disabilities were caused by the drug Primodos has been shown in Parliament, in an effort by campaigners to highlight his devastating story read more...


Woman speaks out about hormone-based pregnancy testing pill

New Zealand Herald: 31st March 2017

A woman whose son was born with birth defects after taking a hormone-based pregnancy test is demanding answers. Robyn Hughes, 63, is the first New Zealand woman to publicly share her story after new evidence from Britain this month, which showed women who took the hormone-based pill Primodos had a higher chance of having children with severe deformities or other serious health problems read more...


Pregnancy test linked to birth defects

News Hub (New Zealand): 20th March 2017

A pregnancy drug used by thousands of mothers in the 1960s and '70s greatly increased the chances of birth defects, a new investigation has revealed. Primodos worked by inducing menstruation in women who weren't pregnant. If a woman was only recently impregnated, it worked similar to a morning-after pill to end the pregnancy. If no menstruation occurred after taking the pill, it was a sign the woman was pregnant read more...


New evidence in claims against pregnancy-test drugs linked to birth defects that affected hundreds of families

The Telegraph: 18th March 2017

Explosive new evidence has emerged over claims that thousands of children suffered birth defects after their mothers took a controversial pregnancy-testing drug. Hundreds of families have for years been battling for compensation over claims the hormone-based drug Primodos led to their children suffering severe deformities and serious health problems read more...

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